Choosing a medical specialist can be an extremely sensitive and personal decision. It can very uncomfortable for many patients and doing so from work or in a public place may be rather embarrassing. Fortunately, the internet provides patients a level of anonymity while making more information available than ever before. A simple website, however, may not provide prospective patients with all of the answers they require. Adding OVC Chat Box to your office’s site can help visitors find the care they need quickly and easily.

Safeguarding Privacy

As a leader in online technological services, we understand the importance and necessity of protecting your patients' health information. Equipped with state-of-art encryption and security features, OVC Chat Box is completely secure and fully HIPAA compliant. Your prospective patients will be able to access immediate help for whatever their issues may be. In addition, our designers can develop a secure, real-time chat feature that seamlessly blends into your site’s look and feel, creating a top-quality user experience.

Serving the Needs of Any Medical Office

Over the last several decades, patients have begun to take a more active role in their health care decisions. This means that, more than ever, patients are utilizing medical providers of their own choice, rather than those dictated by a hospital or insurance plan. However, many patients may be unfamiliar with a particular specialty or field until they are forced to educate themselves. In this way, OVC Chat Box can be an invaluable tool for:

  • Ophthalmic surgeons, and LASIK providers;
  • Psychiatrists and mental health professionals;
  • Physical therapists and chiropractors;
  • Dentists and orthodontists;
  • Fertility specialists;
  • Reconstructive and cosmetic surgeons; and
  • Many others.

Professional Service Representatives

At OVC Chat Box, we recognize the importance of providing the best in customer service. That is why we utilize only highly-trained live-chat operators with a proven record of success. Our team will work with you to develop the tools that meet the needs of your office and help convert visitors into satisfied patients. An OVC Chat Box representative can even connect a chatting visitor directly to your office by phone during specified hours to address more detailed concerns.

Around the Clock Availability

Under the best of circumstances, finding a medical specialist or doctor can be a challenge. Factor in work schedules or other obligations and, suddenly, getting the answers and information one needs during normal business hours can be practically impossible. By incorporating OVC Chat Box into your website, 24-hour assistance becomes immediately available to your website’s visitors, in a cloud-based, HIPPA compliant system.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of a customized, real time chat solution that combines convenience and confidentiality, contact OVC, INC. today to schedule a consultation. Our experienced design team will work with you in developing a world-class web experience that can help your office grow.