Real-Time Chat to Meet the Needs of Accountants and CPAs

Nobody understands value of time like a financial professional. Whether your office specializes in investment strategies, accounting, or any other related area, you realize how important fast, reliable communication is to the vitality of your business. When your clients need help regarding money matters, you are there to answer their questions, demonstrating your commitment to them and their individual concerns.

Incorporating OVC Chat Box into your company’s website can offer the same level of professional attention to your prospective clients as well. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can open the door to a whole new perspective on customer service, reaching further than you may have ever thought possible.

Confidential Chat Services with Security You Can Trust

For many people, discussing financial concerns can be extremely stressful. Decisions regarding money are often very personal and rather sensitive, leading many to approach such matters with acute caution, and in some cases, hesitance.

Additionally, data breaches and information leaks continue to make headlines as hackers look to capitalize on weaknesses in today’s technology. That is why OVC Chat Box is equipped with state-of-the-art encryption features and the best in online security to create a safe, confidential avenue of communication for your prospective clients.

Access to Live Representatives 24 Hours a Day

Your commitment to serving your clients is what sets you apart from other companies, and it is possible that you offer evening and weekend appointments. Some of your existing clients may even feel comfortable calling you at home. However, it is unreasonable for anyone to expect you to be available at any hour of the day or night—but OVC Chat Box is!

Our professional customer service agents are accessible around the clock to answer questions and offer advice at your specific direction. We will work with you to develop a training program for our representatives so that you can be sure that your prospective clients have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During normal business hours, our agents can even transfer a chat conversation directly to your office so that you and your staff can address more complex issues when necessary.

Contact Us for More Details about OVC Chat Box

World-class customer service is based on anticipating your clients’ needs and looking to meet them in the most efficient manner possible. At OVC, INC. we are ready to help you do just that by designing a fully-customized chat solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing website. Contact us today at (888) 880-8552 to find out more about the services we offer that can help financial professionals expand their online reach.