Chat Box works for many of the same reasons that texting works. It is quick, quiet and doesn’t require someone to pick up the phone. It can be done from the privacy of a computer screen, ipad or smartphone and does not leave an email trail for a spouse or boss to find. Live chat also helps overcome the potential objection of entering information into an online form. It starts a conversation with a potential client online that you can then take to the next level, converting inquiries into clients.

In an industry study over several months, websites were first tracked without a Chat Box and then tracked for the same period of time with a Chat Box. The average increase in website inquiries when a Chat Box was added was 114%. In another study, the attrition rate of websites dropping chat service was less than 1% over a 2 year period.

OVC Chat Box creates a secure live chat customized for your industry. OVC Chat Box is perfect for any professional business, who work in any of these areas:

Chat Box provides 24 / 7 assistance so potential leads stay on your website longer and engage in a private conversation. The real time web monitoring that comes from Chat Box can instantly establish a rapport with your potential clients while you are away from your office or desk. You can be confident that website visitors seeking immediate attention will be taken care of any time of the day or night.

The risk to you is low - just a minimal set up fee to get OVC Chat Box established and after that, you only pay for qualified leads. Call us today to get started at (888) 880-8552, email or chat us and see the results for yourself.

To get started with Chat Box, call (888) 880-8552, email or chat us now. We can set chat up within 48 hours of receiving your completed order form so why wait?