Your company’s online presence is often defined by the quality of your corporate website. Prospective clients can easily see what is important to you and your business by the professionalism and commitment to service that your site projects. Many companies have begun incorporating live chat options into their webpages, allowing for immediate interaction with visitors. OVC Chat Box offers your company the ability to do the same, with chat capabilities to meet the needs of potential customers in both English and Spanish.

Expanding Your Client Base

Research has shown that more than 37 million people in the United States speak Spanish at home, making it easily the most prevalent non-English language in the country. Businesses across the nation have recognized the need for Spanish-language services, offering translators or bilingual staff members to better communicate with more potential customers.

Meeting the needs of Spanish-speaking customers in your office, however, is only the beginning. By offering a real-time chat solution that can connect a visitor to a representative who is fluent in Spanish, you can help your business expand its potential reach and open the door to a whole new customer base. With OVC Chat Box, a live, Spanish-speaking chat operator is just a few clicks away. You provide the scripts that meet the needs of your company, and our representatives will relay the information to prospective clients in a courteous and professional manner, in English or in Spanish.

Available During Normal Business Hours

By providing live chat in Spanish, OVC Chat Box can help your business connect with potential customers like never before. Our Spanish services are available Monday through Friday, from 6am to 7pm, and representatives have the ability to connect visitors directly to your office by phone when necessary. With so many available services, we are sure to be able to help convert more of your website’s visitors into loyal, satisfied clients.

Contact OVC Chat Box for More Information

Meeting the needs of your prospective customers is one of the most important steps in growing your business. Nobody understands that better than the professionals at OVC, INC. Our qualified design team has the experience to help your company create customized web resources that incorporate the features you require, including live Spanish chat services. To learn more about how OVC Chat Box can help your company, contact us today at (888) 880-8552.